I drew this a while ago and got irritated and quit because she looked too red.

I fixed it up a little. Looks a bit better now. Figured I’d upload it.

I was working on a slightly different art style but then it didn’t look different at all so let’s just call these doodles

So there’s this "dinosaur erotica" book called Taken by the T-Rex, and I had a brilliant idea.

It’s been a half a year since he shaved and I’m still drawing scruffy Erwin.

And I will not stop drawing scruffy Erwin.

Scruffy Erwin 2016

Some stuff from the sketchbook and other random doodles I linearted over to try and do stuff with later. 

I was trying to work on drawing men better, and drawing Mikasa so she actually looks. You know. Asian. At least a tiny bit.

Attack on Titan/Last of us(Attack on Us) crossover with Levi as Joel, Hange as Tess, and Mikasa as Ellie. And Erwin as Bill, but I didn’t bother to do that one.

Not so good at coloring so the original screenshots are laid over the pictures at a really low opacity. But I changed them to fit the characters more(hopefully Mikasa actually looks a tad Asian. I tried, lmao).

Because I was grossed out by having old art as the first post on my blog, I decided to upload my Psych II project.

We had to pick one of a few disorders and make a project pretending to be in their shoes. I did GID(or Gender Dysphoria, as it’s now known)and drew pictures and small paragraphs with it, about a MTF Transgender teenager.


Quiet moments sometimes when Erwin leaves his working desk and Hanji’s experiments have been done.

Picture from : http://www.instavillage.com/p/632005877749146567_619573223/

I’m not irritated about my art being reposted or anything(if anything, flattered that anyone gave a shit enough about it to save it and repost it), but I just wanted… To you know, claim it.

And swear that my art has gotten better than this crappy thing.

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Have some autumn Eruhan.

I was gonna draw more and then I was like ‘naaaaaah’.

It’s a nice feeling when you think you’re progressing with your art.

I was going to draw Eruhan, but somehow it turned into just a bunch of Hange doodles.